Sorry, the Flyin' King kit is
out of stock and no longer
manufactured. Some of the
optional accessories are still
available from BTE.

Stability - Utility - Versatility - Personality

The rock-solid stability and amazing low-speed characteristics of the Flyin' King combine to make it an excellent trainer, but it's so much more! This is a true utility aircraft, capable of towing gliders, hauling cameras, or lifting payloads. It's versatile because you can build it with tricycle landing gear or as a taildragger, and you can choose to equip it with flaps or without. And although it may not be love at first sight, she's got a great personality. In fact, it may very well cause love at first FLIGHT.

For much more detailed info on the Flyin' King kit, be sure to read Bruce's article. "You Can Do Almost Everything with a BTE Flyin' King".


80.5 inches
Wing Area: 1280 square inches
Length: 60 inches
Weight: 9.5 to 10 pounds
Engines: .60 - .75 2-stroke or
              .70 - .91 4-stroke or
              1000-1200 Watt Electric

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Flyin' King Kit Price . . . $199.95
UPS Ground Shipping in U.S. add $24.00

Best Materials Available: Sig Balsa, Top-Grade
  Lite-Ply, Spruce, and Aircraft Plywood.

Rugged Main Landing Gear Made from 6061-T6
  Aluminum and Formed Nose Wheel Strut

American-Made Hardware from Sig and Du-Bro
  Including Steel Clevises, Control Horns,
  4-40 Pushrods, Throttle Cable, Nose Wheel
  Steering Cable, Nose Wheel Bearing,
  Wheel Collars, Easy Hinges, Nylon Wing
  Bolts, and Flap Torque Rods

Fiberglass Tape for Wing Joint Reinforcement

Professionally-Drawn, Full-Size, Rolled Plans

Detailed, Photo-Illustrated Instruction Booklet

Decals, Building Templates, Clear Windows

Radio with 5 or 6 servos (depending on whether you use flaps or not), engine, engine mount, 16 oz. fuel tank (minimum), fuel line, three 4" wheels, four rolls of covering material, and common modeling tools.

R/C Report March 1998
"The model is very well behaved, and was immediately comfortable to fly. Loops can be done at 1/2 throttle, and stall turns are very easy. ...with the ailerons on high rate, the Flyin' King rolls more axially than I would have ever expected from the polyhedral wing. Great fun!"

R/C Modeler October 1999
"The well-engineered instructions and plans, together with first-rate, quality materials, make this a great second or third airplane. Those at the field who have flown the Flyin' King all marveled at the ease in which this big plane flies."

Model Airplane News November 1997
"Flaps markedly enhance slow-flight performance - one of the model's best features. The ailerons are extra large and remain effective even at slow speed with flaps fully extended. The Flyin' King is a user-friendly model that's fun to build and fly.

- Frequently Asked Questions
- Bruce's Building and Flying Tips
- Two-View Line Drawing
- Instruction Book PDF Download
- Replacement Parts
- VIDEO YouTube - Bruce's Electric FK
- VIDEO YouTube - Flyin' King Unboxing
- VIDEO YouTube - Flyin' King Flight 154
- VIDEO YouTube - Jimmy and the Flyin' King
- VIDEO YouTube - First Flight by Don Schuy
- LINK Doug Brown's Flyin' King Website
- LINK Mike Harris's Flyin' King Website
- LINK Builder Gallery - Pics and Info

Stu Richmond (deceased)
Stu was well-known for his 33 years of writing for model magazines in the US and overseas. He is an AMA Hall-of-Famer and winner of the Howard McEntee medal. But most of all, he was a devoted sport modeler just like us and he loved his Flyin' King! Click the pic for more shots of Stu and his model.

Need inspiration? Check out the

for builder photos and comments!

Electric Power Conversion Package
Wanna go electric? This package is tailor-made for the Flyin' King and is easy to install whether starting from a fresh kit or pre-built airframe. Includes high-quality motor, ESC, prop, motor standoff, and installation package. Features detailed online instructions.
BTE Price . . . $194.95

Click to Enlarge Tailwheel Assembly - Convert your Flyin' King to a taildragger by adding this high-quality unit. The package provides absolutely everything you need including pull-pull cables, rigging couplers, clevises, leaf spring, steering arm, formed tailwheel wire, and complete mounting instructions. It even includes a 1-1/4" Du-Bro tailwheel. Suitable for models 8 to 12 pounds.
BTE Price . . . $23.75

Click to Enlarge Heavy-Duty Landing Gear - The standard gear that comes with the kit is 1/8" thick and is just fine for sport flying. For those who want to carry a payload in the Flyin' King, we offer this heavy-duty version made from 3/16" aluminum. You may prefer this gear if your landings are commonly, shall we say, abrupt.
BTE Price . . . $34.95

Note: When you order a kit, we can swap a heavy-duty landing gear with the standard kit gear before shipping.
Landing Gear Swap BTE Price . . . $9.00

Sullivan Wheels - Treat your Flyin' King to the best wheels available. These 4" Sullivan Sky-Lite wheels are molded from light weight urethane with a tough rubber exterior. Sold individually - order as many as you want.
Retail Price $20.71 each
BTE Price . . . $17.50 each
BTE is currently substituting the Du-Bro Treaded Lightweight 4" wheels for these Sullivan wheels. Same weight. Same price.

Click to Enlarge Du-Bro Axles and Collars - The kit comes with bolts to use as axles, and they work fine. Many builders prefer these ultra-smooth axles from Du-Bro. No need to drill your wheels - the 3/16" shafts are a perfect fit. You will need to enlarge the hole in the aluminum landing gear to 5/16". Package includes two 3/16" wheel collars.
BTE Price . . . $9.95

Hayes Engine Mount - This is a BTE favorite! Molded from fiber-reinforced nylon, this mount features a web at the bottom of the rails for extra stiffness. Supplied with two types of engine mounting bolts. This is the mount shown on the Flyin' King plans.
SHORT (for 2-strokes) BTE Price . . . $8.95
The LONG version (for 4-strokes) is no longer available. BTE recommends the Sig 2-piece mount (shown below) for 4-stroke engines.

Sig 2-Piece Engine Mount - Some modelers prefer a two-piece engine mount to fit their extra-wide or narrow engines. These reinforced mounts feature large webs for strength and alignment holes. Sig package also includes a complete assortment of hardware.
BTE Price . . . $7.95

Fuel Tank Package - Another BTE favorite, this Du-Bro 16 oz. fuel tank is shown on the Flyin' King plans. Package includes tank, 2 ft. of high-quality fuel line, and a 1/4" x 8" x 12" piece of foam rubber padding.
Total Retail Price $19.45
BTE Price . . . $17.95
Gas Conversion Stopper . . . add $2.50

Fuel Tank Only - BTE Price . . . $9.95
Fuel Line Only - BTE Price . . . . $4.25
Foam Pad Only - BTE Price . . . $4.25

Click to Enlarge 1/4-20 Tap and Drill - The Flyin' King uses hardwood blocks which need to be drilled and tapped to accept the wing bolts. This high-quality set from Du-Bro will do the job on your FK and many models to come. Tap handle also available.
Tap and Drill - BTE Price . . . $9.50
Tap Handle - BTE Price . . . . $9.75

Click to Enlarge Tubing Bender - This clever tool from Du-Bro makes quick work of one of the most annoying tasks in modeling - bending fuel tank tubing without bending. Works on 1/8" annealed brass tubing as used in all types of RC fuel tanks. Every builder needs this in their workshop.
BTE Price . . . $16.50

Click to Enlarge Fourmost Medium Window Flange Material - Special molded black vinyl material. This tailor-made bulk package includes 12 feet of flange material and instructions. It's an elegant, alternative window treatment.
BTE Price . . . $14.50

Cable Cutters - Specially designed jaws cut stranded cable clean and square without fraying. Perfect for throttle and steering cables. Every modeler needs at least one of these high-quality tools. Use the small cutter for up to 3/32" cable or 5/64" music wire. The large cutter is good for 3/16" cable or 1/8" music wire. Made in USA.
BTE Price . . . $17.95 Small Cutter
BTE Price . . . $19.95 Large Cutter

Click to Enlarge Super Strength Servo Arms Another BTE favorite, these replacement servo arms use long fiber composites for added strength. Specify radio brand when ordering.
Retail Price $13.27
BTE Price . . . $12.25

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