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BTE seems to be turning in a new direction. In the first dozen years, my entire focus was on designing and manufacturing the finest sport R/C kits available. During the past several years however, I have taken on a couple of large building projects in the UAV arena as shown below. It has become apparent that there is a real need for inexpensive, all-wood airframes that are stable and capable of carrying a significant payload. Be it for commercial, educational, or military use, BTE can provide this type of airframe in a range of sizes and levels of completion.


Although it was originally designed as a sport R/C model, several institutions across the U.S. have purchased the standard SFK wood kit and accessories to be used for research projects or heavy lifting. As designed, the SFK can easily lift up to a 20 lb. payload. This is the least expensive way to get an airframe, but will require facilities, skilled builders, and significant time to complete. Modifications can be made while building to suit your requirements. A twin-engine modification package is available as an option.
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These four airframes were built at BTE for NASA Dryden. The contract specified that the aircraft be delivered built and covered, but with no radio or engine installed. They are essentially Super Flyin' Kings, but modifications included tricycle landing gear, wingspan shortened to 9.5 feet, and numerous access hatches. This is a perfect example of how each airframe can be custom built to meet the requirements of the buyer.
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SUPER HAULER - UND Tricycle Gear
The University of North Dakota was one of those institutions that built a Super Flyin' King kit for themselves. They were very happy with the airplane's performance and capability, but wanted to lift larger payloads. With a bit of stretching and widening, the Super Hauler was born. This airframe is optomized for lifting, and can handle payloads up to 30 lbs. It is not available as a kit, but custom airframes can be built under contract at BTE. Airframes can be provided with or without covering, engines, or radio systems. One of the great things about an all-wood structure is that personnel with traditional modeling experience will be comfortable with making modifications and repairs as necessary.
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SUPER HAULER - TVN Taildragger
This variant of the original Super Hauler was built for (TVN) and will be used to drop sensor probes into oncoming tornados. Its exciting mission will be filmed by the Discovery Channel and may be seen in the upcoming season of "Storm Chasers." Built by Bruce in eight weeks, this Super Hauler features taildragger landing gear, which is probably better suited to the rough terrain expected for operations. Again, this is a prime example of how the airframe can be customized.
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Super Flyin' King kits and accessories are normally in stock and ready to ship immediately. Custom-built airframes like the NASA Trainers or Super Haulers will require several weeks for construction. If you are truly interested in having an airframe built, please give me a call or email so we can discuss your unique design requirements. From that, I will generate a detailed quote for your consideration. It really is that simple. 1-800-557-4470 in the U.S.

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