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Information Websites and Online Forums

Vintage R/C Society - Click on "Eligible Airplane List" to see if your favorite design is listed. Don't be too upset if you can't find it - the list is not totally complete or up-to-date. If you know your design was published, kitted, or flown in 1978 or earlier, that's good enough for us! Members-only area features past newsletters and a small plan archive.

RC Groups - Vintage and Old-Timer Designs Forum. Features a monster thread dedicated to online plans, which ultimately served as the inspiration for the Outerzone website listed below.

RC Universe - Golden Age, Vintage, and Antique RC Forum. Fairly active.

Traditional Plan Services provide printed plans to you through the mail. A reprint of the article is usually provided. Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the plan.

Model Aviation Plans - Sorted by year, which is helpful to determine VRCS eligibility.

AMA Plan Service - Over 18,000 plans from Model Aviation and John Pond's collection. You need to know what you are looking for, there are no photos of the models.

Model Airplane News - MAN seems to have trimmed down their list of plans over the years, but you can still find their most popular designs.

Flying Models - After a short hiatus, all plans are once again available. Click on any plan for details including the designer's name and issue date. Fast shipping!

Bill Northrop's Plan Service/Model Builder Plans - Now Available from AMA Plan Service. Find plans in the Model Builder Plan Catalog, then order by phone or mail.

Update: is now totally defunct, but many can be downloaded for free from Outerzone.

Online Plan Services provide plans as an electronic file which can be downloaded from the web, or in some cases via email. Some sites charge for their plans; some are totally free. Once the file is downloaded, you will have to get it printed. If the file is a PDF, you can print it in tiles (with Adobe Reader X) or take the file to a print shop and have it printed full size for a few bucks.

Outerzone - An amazing collection of over 7000 plans, all free to download. The focus is on old time and vintage F/F, C/L, and R/C designs, although more recent plans have been posted lately.

AeroFred - Outerzone rival is a bit more cluttered, but claims to offer over 20,000 plans.

Co-op Plans Project - Roland Friestad's collection of about 7000 plans. Most are F/F, but you will find some early R/C designs as well. You cannot download directly from the site. First, you must request a plan list (which is a Microsoft Excel file), then you can request plans to be emailed to you. Requesting more than three plan files is frowned upon. The plan files are free, but donations are requested.

Dave Fritzke - Just a few vintage R/C designs, but they are all classics. Free downloads.

Kit Manufacturers - There are still a few small companies out there making some famous kits.

Balsa USA - Their Nostalgic Line includes the Smoothie, Excalibur, and Moonraker.

Bluejay - Joe Bridi designs like the Sun-Fli 4 and Dirty Birdy.

BMJR Models - Half-size versions of the Astro-Hog, Taurus, Orion, and Perigee.

Eureka Aircraft - Lots of vintage pattern planes like the Banshee, Beachcomber, Cutlass, Eyeball, Kaos, Mach 1, Sun-Fli, Trouble Maker. Also scaled-down pattern plans, plus sport models like the Ugly Stik and Strikemaster.

Great Flyer R/C - Current manufacturer of the Florio Flyer .60 and Florio Flyer .40.

House of Balsa - All of their 1/12-scale models qualify. P-51, ME-109, Chipmunk, P-47, Bonanza, FW190A.

Proctor Enterprises - Located in Oregon, they still manufacture the Antic and Antic Bipe kits.

Sig Manufacturing - Makers of "Craftsman Kits" like the Astro-Hog, Kougar, Smith Miniplane, 1/6-scale J-3 Cubs (regular and clipped-wing), Kavalier, Rascal RC, Citabria, Kadet Mk. II.

Top-Flite - Just re-introduced the Contender as a Gold Edition Kit.

Lazer Works - Not complete kits, but they do laser-cut parts for many vintage R/C designs like the Kwik-Fli III, Taurus, RCM Basic Trainer, School Girl, Daddy Rabbit, Top Dawg, Das Little Stik, Fledgling, and many more.

Laser Design Services - Short kits for Lazy Ace, Kwik-Fli, Flea-Fli, Honker, Super Kaos, Ugly Stik, Kirkland Intruder, Smog Hog, Mighty Hog, Fledgling, Cessna 170, Piper Tri-Pacer, more.

Eligible ARFs - The quick way to get your hands on a vintage R/C model and join the fun!

Top Flite Mini Contender, Great Planes Big Stick 40, Great Planes Big Stick 60, Hobby Express Telemasters, Tower Kaos 40, Tower Kaos 60 GP/EP, Airborne Models Intruder, Sig Rascals.

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