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Sorry, the Super Flyin' King kit
is out of stock and no longer
manufactured. Some of the
optional accessories are still
available from BTE.

It's a Healthy Bird

It's been said that "bigger flies better", and the Super Flyin' King is proof. It flies as well as its little brother, but in a much more stately and realistic manner. Every turn seems more graceful, every manuever seems more controllable, and every landing approach seems more solid and steady. Yeah, it's big, but that doesn't mean its hard to build. The SFK is a traditional balsa and plywood design that features flaps and conventional landing gear. The eleven-foot wing comes apart into three pieces, so it's relatively easy to transport. And once you do get it to the field, expect a large crowd to gather around your equally-large model aircraft.

For much more detailed info on the Super Flyin' King kit, be sure to read Bruce's article. "Is This What They Mean by 'Super-Size Me'?".


132 inches
Wing Area: 3380 square inches
Length: 95 inches
Weight: 36 pounds (approximate)
Engines: 60cc - 80cc Gas
             (3.7 - 4.9

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descriptions, and building tips)

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Super Flyin' King Kit Price  $559.95
Plus Actual Ground Shipping Cost in U.S.

Best Materials Available: Sig AAA Balsa, Top-Grade Lite-Ply, Aircraft Plywood, Poplar Main Spars

Accurately Machine-Cut Parts Including 37 Wing Ribs, 38 Aileron/Flap Ribs, 1/2" Plywood Firewall and Landing Gear Mount, 1/4" Plywood Bulkheads, Balsa Fuselage and Tail Parts, Servo Mounts

Tapered Balsa Elevator and Rudder Material Pre-Beveled Along the Hinge Line

A Very Impressive Load of Balsa Sheets and Sticks

Ultra-Strong Main Landing Gear Formed from 3/8"-Thick 6061-T6 Aluminum, 5/16" Axle Holes

Sig Aluminum Wing Joiners and Hardware

Full-Size CAD-Drawn Rolled Plans - 6 Sheets

Detailed Instruction Booklet with Color Photos

Clear Plastic Material for Windows, Windshield

Radio with at least 7 servos (100 oz. in. or better), engine, muffler, propeller, 32 - 50 oz. fuel tank, two 6" or 7" main wheels, axles, tailwheel assembly, control linkages, covering material, miscellaneous hardware.

Bruce started writing these updates for SFK customers and potential customers even before the kit was available. You can receive future updates automatically, just send Bruce an e-mail and ask to be added to the SFK e-mail list.

- Update #1  August 2002  120KB Word Doc
- Update #2  October 2002  93KB Word Doc
- Update #3  October 2002  111KB Word Doc
- Update #4  January 2003  22KB Word Doc
- Update #5  May 2003       95KB Word Doc
- Update #6  October 2003  67KB Word Doc
- Update #7  January 2004  79KB Word Doc
- Update #8  October 2004 278KB Word Doc
- Update #9  November 2005 170KB Word Doc

- NEW! Download the SFK Instruction Manual
- Frequently Asked Questions
- Bruce's Building and Flying Tips
- Two-View Line Drawing
- Replacement Parts
- Bruce's Candy Drop Assembly
- Video of Bruce's SFK in Action
- LINK Keith Storr's Building Pics
- LINK The Definitive SFK Twin Building Thread (RCU)

R/C Report October 2003

"This thing is sooooo cool!"

"The box contains a small lumberyard worth of wood, and all of it appears to be of the finest quality."

"To wrap up this review, the Super Flyin' King from Bruce Tharpe Engineering is a very nice flying model, and one that's guaranteed to draw a lot of attention wherever it goes."


Twin-Engine Modification Package
Feeling adventurous? BTE has developed plans and a parts kit to convert a standard SFK kit into a twin-engined version. The recommended engine range is 30-40cc Gas or 4-Cycle Glow, or 24-34cc 2-Cycle Glow. More Info...
BTE Price . . . $79.95

These four modified Super Flyin' King airframes were built at BTE for NASA's Dryden Research Center. More Info...

Click to Enlarge Main Wheel Package - This includes two 7" Sullivan wheels, two hardened steel 5/16" axle bolts, and various mounting hardware for the wheels and landing gear. The axle bolts have a smooth shoulder where the wheel rides. In addition, if you order this package along with your kit, BTE will drill your aluminum landing gear for the six mounting bolts that are included. Normally, the gear is supplied undrilled.
Retail Price $93.56
BTE Price. . . $69.95

Click to Enlarge Graph Tech Tailwheel Assembly - This super-rugged unit weighs just 2.2 ounces, but supports planes up to 40 lbs. Comes with composite leafspring and steering arm, 1.5" wheel, springs, and mounting hardware.
BTE Price . . . $59.95
Optional SWB Spring Tensioners . . $17.95

Click to Enlarge Tailwheel Package - This cheaper alternative includes a Sig Extra-Large Leafspring Tailwheel Assembly, a Du-Bro 1-3/4" Tailwheel, a wheel collar, and mounting hardware. Retail Price $26.14.
BTE Price . . . $22.95

Click to Enlarge STOL Wingtips, Rough Cut - The fancy STOL wingtips used on the prototype don't come with the kit, but you can add them if you wish. If you want to save about a day of carving and sanding, BTE can rough cut the tips for you. They will still need a final sanding once you attach them to your wing, but they'll be pretty darn close.
BTE Price . . . $124.95

STOL Wingtip Blocks - Sucker for punishment? Carve the wingtips yourself! BTE can supply light balsa blocks with your kit along with carving guidelines. Keep in mind, these are big blocks of Equadorian Gold (a.k.a. balsa), 3" x 4" x 26".
Retail Price $57.98
BTE Price . . . $49.95

Click to Enlarge Tail Brace Wire Kit - Tail brace wires are required for this model. This tail brace wire kit includes all the nylon-coated steel cable, steel attach straps, crimps, and hardware you need.
BTE Price. . . $9.95

Click to Enlarge Sullivan Super Horn Set - These extra beefy control horns are ideal for the SFK. Includes six Super Horns (for ailerons, flaps, and split elevators) and one Double Super Horn (for the rudder). Also includes Sullivan 4-40 Gold-N-Clevises.
Retail Price $42.76
BTE Price. . . $34.95

Click to Enlarge Du-Bro 4-40 Pull-Pull Cable Kit - Recommended for Rudder and Tailwheel. Includes two Du-Bro 4-40 Pull-Pull Systems, Sig Tiller Bar with hardware, and nylon guide tubes.
BTE Price. . . $19.95

Du-Bro 4-40 Pull-Pull System - One package, use for rudder OR tailwheel.
BTE Price. . . $8.95

Sig XX-Brand Hinges - These are extra large, flat, pinned nylon hinges. 29 of these were used on the BTE prototype. Price includes 30 hinges.
Retail Price $21.58
BTE Price . . . $17.95

Click to Enlarge Fourmost Medium Window Flange Material - Special bulk package made just for the SFK. Includes 16 ft. of material to frame all the windows. It takes some patience to make the corners fit nice and tight, but it sure looks professional.
BTE Price . . . $18.95

Click to Enlarge Super Strength Servo Arms - Another BTE favorite, these replacement servo arms use long fiber composites for added strength. These are Du-Bro's extra-long, extra-beefy arms. Available for Futaba, JR, or Hitec - Specify servo brand when ordering. Retail Price $12.50
BTE Price . . . $9.95

Click to Enlarge Vinyl Graphics Set - Finish off your SFK just like the BTE photo model. Lettering outlines are all black with yellow, white, or silver letters. Specify color preference when ordering. Includes BTE logos for fin. Made by Callie Graphics.
BTE Price . . . $49.95

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