Sorry, the Delta Vortex kit is
out of stock and no longer
manufactured. Some of the
optional accessories are still
available from BTE.

The Different Delta - for Sport, Not Speed

There have been many delta-winged models over the years, most of them designed for speed, but the Delta Vortex is different. It combines the user-friendliness of tricycle gear, nose-mounted engine, functioning rudders, a thick airfoil, and low wing loading into a beautiful aerodynamic machine that is incredibly aerobatic without the blistering top-end speed. When it's time to land, pull the nose up on this stallproof delta wing and put all those square inches to work slowing it for a picture-perfect, nose-high touchdown every time. Don't let the radical shape fool you - the Delta Vortex is an everyday sport model at heart.

For much more detailed info on the Delta Vortex kit, be sure to read Bruce's article "So What's So Different About the Delta Vortex?".


54 inches
Wing Area: 1375 square inches
Length: 46 inches
Weight: 7 to 8 pounds
Engines: .60 - .91 2-stroke or
             .80 - .91 4-stroke or
             1000 - 1200 Watt Electric Power

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Delta Vortex Kit Price…
UPS Ground Shipping in U.S. add .... $19.00

- Best Materials Available: Sig Balsa, Top-Grade
  Lite-Ply, Basswood, and Aircraft Plywood.

- Rugged Landing Gear Struts Bent from
  5/32" Music Wire

- American-Made Hardware from Sig and Du-Bro
  Including Steel Clevises, Control Horns,
  4-40 Pushrods, Throttle Cable, Nose Wheel Steering
  Cable, Nose Wheel Bearing, Wheel Collars,
  Easy Hinges

- Professionally-Drawn, Full-Size, Rolled Plans

- Detailed, Photo-Illustrated Instruction Booklet

- Decals

Radio with 5 or 6 servos (depending on whether you use single or dual rudder servos), engine, engine mount, 16 oz. fuel tank, fuel line, three 3" wheels, three to four rolls of covering material, and common modeling tools.

- Frequently Asked Questions
- Bruce's Building and Flying Tips
- Three-View Line Drawing
- Instruction Book PDF Download
- Replacement Parts
- How to Program Rudder Airbrakes
- LINK Art Wallace's DV Page
- LINK Virginia Tech Morphing Wing Project
- LINK Builder Gallery - Pics and Info

R/C Report    October 2000
"...enjoyed playing at both ends of the large speed range. While I can outrun most of the sport planes at our field flat out, with the use of the split rudders as speed brakes, I can also 'outslow' them on approach or flybys too."

R/C Modeler    October 2000
"Compact but big. With all this size are some powerful flying advantages. Besides stealing the show from your flying buddies, with a truly unique flying wing, the Delta Vortex's large size helps it to fly smoothly, more like a conventional airplane. The large size is also easy to see, even from a distance."

Model Airplane News    January 2001
"Landings are very amusing; you can set your approach very high and let it settle into the runway hands-off; the glide slope is that flat. Some trainers don't handle this well."

Flying Models    June 2001
"The balsa parts and sheeting were the best I've ever seen in a kit... The ribs, which are the single largest parts in the kit, were perfect... The kit is complete and all the parts fit perfectly together."

Fly RC    December 2005
"The extensive manual leads you through every detail of the rapid construction. I've spent more time assembling some ARFs! Bruce Tharpe has created a real jewel of an aircraft."

Wheel Package - Treat your Delta Vortex to the best wheels available. Package includes three Sullivan 3" Sky-Lite wheels molded from light weight urethane with a tough rubber exterior. Why buy two pairs when you really only need three wheels?
Retail Price for Two Pairs . . . $33.08
BTE Price . . . $19.95

Hayes Engine Mount - This is a BTE favorite! Molded from fiber-reinforced nylon, this mount features a web at the bottom of the rail for extra stiffness. Supplied with two types of engine mounting bolts. This is the mount shown on the Delta Vortex plans.
SHORT (for 2-strokes) BTE Price . . . $6.75
The LONG version (for 4-strokes) is no longer available. BTE recommends the Sig 2-piece mount (shown below) for 4-stroke engines.

Sig 2-Piece Engine Mount - Some modelers prefer a two-piece engine mount to fit their extra-wide or narrow engines. These reinforced mounts feature large webs for strength and alignment holes. Sig package also includes a complete assortment of hardware.
BTE Price . . . $4.95

Fuel Tank Package - Another BTE favorite, this Du-Bro 16 oz. fuel tank is shown on the Delta Vortex plans. Package includes tank, 2 ft. of high-quality fuel line, and a 1/4" x 8" x 12" piece of foam rubber padding.
Total Retail Price $15.50
BTE Price . . . $12.95
Gas Conversion Stopper . . . add $1.50

Fuel Tank Only - BTE Price . . . $6.75
Fuel Line Only - BTE Price  . . . $2.95
Foam Pad Only - BTE Price . . . $3.95

Click to Enlarge Tubing Bender - This clever tool from Du-Bro makes quick work of one of the most annoying tasks in modeling - bending fuel tank tubing without bending. Works on 1/8" annealed brass tubing as used in all types of RC fuel tanks. Every builder needs this in their workshop.
BTE Price . . . $15.95

Cable Cutters - Specially designed jaws cut stranded cable clean and square without fraying. Perfect for throttle and steering cables. Every modeler needs at least one of these high-quality tools. Use the small cutter for up to 3/32" cable or 5/64" music wire. The large cutter is good for 3/16" cable or 1/8" music wire. Made in USA.
BTE Price . . . $17.95 Small Cutter
BTE Price . . . $19.95 Large Cutter

Click to Enlarge Super Strength Servo Arms Another BTE favorite, these replacement servo arms use long fiber composites for added strength. Specify radio brand when ordering.
Retail Price $10.75
BTE Price . . . $9.50

Click to Enlarge Antenna Tube - Remember, the DV was designed in the prehistoric age when 72 MHz radios were king. The receiver antenna was routed through this nylon tube in the wing, and it's still mentioned on the plans and in the booklet, although it is no longer included in the kit. You can get one now as an optional accessory.
BTE Price . . . $1.00

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