BTE Delta Vortex Handibond Package

This package of high-quality Handibond CA is tailored specifically for the Delta Vortex kit. Use the thin for general construction and easy hinges. Medium CA is used for reinforcing all the glue joints in the wing. Thick CA is good for applying sheeting and capstrips. The long glue tip really comes in handy for reaching all the nooks and crannies. In addition to the CA, I recommend purchasing some aliphatic resin (yellow glue like Tite-Bond or Elmers wood glue) and some slow-dry (30-minute) epoxy. The instruction book often specifies certain glues for certain steps.

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 1  Handibond CA 2 oz. Thin
 1  Handibond CA 2 oz. Medium
 1  Handibond CA 2 oz. Thick
 1  Handibond Accelerator 2 oz. Spray Bottle
 1  Extra-Long Applicator Tip (use with medium CA for extended reach)
 3  Micro Applicator Tips (use with thin CA for tack gluing and easy hinges)

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