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This unique miniature router bit will quickly become one of your favorite tools! Use it to cut grooves (rabbet cuts) around openings in your model to inlay windows, doors, and hatches. Both the width and depth are easy to adjust. It comes with three different center posts, allowing cut widths of 1/32", 1/16", or 1/8". The outer sleeve adjusts with a set screw (allen wrench included) to control the depth of the cut. The high-speed steel cutters easily handle balsa, hardwood, and plywood.

BTE is proud to carry the Rout-A-Bit because it is a handy item for builders of our Flyin' King and Super Flyin' King kits to inlay the clear windows. But the uses don't stop there! You can run it along the back corners of your leading edge to make perfect "seats" for the balsa sheeting (as shown in the diagram below). Take your craftsmanship to a new level with perfect-fitting servo hatches and inspection covers. Works with any Dremel or other rotary tools that accept 1/8" shafts.

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What Happened to the Rout-A-Bit?
Unfortunately, the gentleman who produced this product passed away in 2013. Jim Denaro of JDM Products was a brilliant inventor and machined this little gem himself. He had a booth at the Toledo Show for many years and sold thousands of them. After Jim retired, he continued to make the Rout-A-Bit in batches for BTE. Sales of the tool slowed to a trickle, and there are no plans to produce any more. JDM still holds the patent.

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