Decal Packages
Two different packages are offered to finish off your ARF. Package #1 is for the orange/white Navy Trainer and package #2 is for the blue/yellow Navy Drone. Includes high-quality vinyl graphics and mylar stick-on stars and bars.
BTE Price . . . $49  plus shipping

PST Bubble Sucker Air Trap
Turbines do not like air bubbles! PST offers this clever air trap header tank made from a small baby bottle. Holds about four ounces of fuel. The hard plastic bottle resists collapsing at full throttle, even with large turbines.
BTE Price . . . $49  plus shipping

Double Elevator Control Horn Package
The ARF comes with a single elevator control horn with a clevis. If you remove your tail often, it is better to add a second control horn and use a ball link. This package is all you need for a simple retrofit.
BTE Price . . . $12  plus shipping

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