The Flyin' King is a natural for electric power. It has lots of room for the battery and easy access to the motor. Its gentle flying characteristics are a perfect match for the smooth, quiet power of an electric motor. But don't be fooled into thinking this is a low-power, putt-putt-around-the-sky kind of conversion. This power package has been hand-picked by BTE specifically for the Flyin' King to provide plenty of aerobatic capability when you want it. The conversion is easy to do no matter if you are starting with a fresh kit or have been flying a finished model with glow/gas power. If you are new to high-power electric models, this is a great way to get started - everything has already been figured out!


FLYIN' KING ELECTRIC POWER CONVERSION PACKAGE - Includes all three of the packages shown below - the power package, installation package, and motor standoff kit. It also includes a full-size CAD drawing showing the complete installation of all components. No guesswork!
BTE Price . . . $194.95 plus Priority Mail postage

Includes a high-quality Cobra C-4130/16 brushless motor, Cobra 80-Amp electric speed controller (ESC) and an APC 16x10E propeller. This combination with a 6S-5000 LiPo battery (not included) has been tested and proven to run strong and cool, drawing just under 50 amps at full power.
BTE PRICE . . . $159.95
Airframe modifications are minimal for the conversion. This package has all you need to install a nose hatch, sliding battery tray, and rails. Includes slotted hardwood rails, plywood parts, a variety of genuine Velcro pads and straps, hardware, magnets, and full-size CAD drawing.
BTE PRICE . . . $35.95
The electric motor needs to be spaced about 1-3/4" ahead of the firewall to get the propeller in its proper position. This standoff comes as a kit that requires assembly (simple!). It fits the same bolt pattern as the Hayes engine mount used by many builders. Includes hardware.
BTE PRICE . . . $9.95

Electric power involves numbers. So for the technical types among us, here's a look at some of the important numbers involving the Flyin' King and this conversion package.

Airframe Weight: 7 to 7.5 pounds
This is for a completely built airframe with covering and R/C system in place, but no power-related items.

Conversion Weight: About 3 pounds This includes everything in the conversion package plus a typical 6S-5000 LiPo battery.

Flying Weight: 10 to 10.5 pounds

Volts: 22.2 (6S battery)
Amps: 48.5 at full power
Watts: 1076 at full power
RPM: 6670 at full power
Thrust: 9 lbs, 9 oz
Pitch Speed: 63 mph
Watts/Pound: 102-108

The final number, watts per pound, is a good overall indicator of an electric model's performance. Sport aerobatic models perform great with 100 watts/pound, and the Flyin' King is no exception.

Click to Enlarge Tru-Turn Prop Nut - Add some class to the front end of your model with this stylish prop nut. 3/4" Diameter at base. Threads match the Cobra motor prop shaft. Includes tightening rod.
BTE Price . . . $9.95

Click to Enlarge APC Propeller - The power package comes with one propeller, but it never hurts to have an extra. The 16x10E is a highly-efficient prop with this motor combined with a 6S battery.
BTE Price . . . $7.95

Click to Enlarge Battery Charger - Big LiPo batteries deserve a serious charger. The iCharger 3010B is BTE's top choice for the job. Charges up to 30 Amps/1000 Watts for up to 10S batteries. Comes with balance board. DC charger, requires 12V or 24V power supply.
BTE Price . . . $189.95


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