Builder Photos

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Mike in Canada
Aerial Photos

Doug in Canada
One on Floats
One Low-Wing

Rob in Canada

Glenn in
His "Messiah"

Michael from

Stu in Arizona
AMA Hall of Fame

Bill and Dennis
in Arizona
Pair of Kings!

Brian in California
GP 40" Floats

Don in California

Cliff in California

Frank and Mike
in Colorado
Gas Powered

John and Bob
in Florida
FK and SFK

Bud in Florida
Glider Launch
See the Video

Keith in Georgia
Four Engines!

Rick in Indiana
Toledo Winner

Tim in Kentucky

Richard in

Garry in

Robert in
Nice Mods

Bob in Nevada
with Floats

Frank in New
Mexico - Tri Tail
- Glider Launch -

Gil in New York
Electric Power

Allen in N Carolina
X-1 Launch
with Video

Shelton in
North Carolina
Electric Power

Greg in N Carolina
Gas Engine
Maiden Flight Vid

Todd in Ohio

Mickey in Oregon

David in Oregon
Tailwheel Mod

Dale in Oregon
Floats - Twin Fins
- Glider Launch -

Gene in
South Carolina

Dan in Texas

Elwood in Texas

Mark in Texas

Greg in Texas
Gas Engine

Mark in Texas?
John Deere
Color Scheme

Bob in Virginia
Electric NiCD

Tom from

Dave in
with Floats

Another Dave
in Washington
Aero-Tow Info

Dennis in
Pioneer Middle

Bill in Wisconsin
Bomb Bay Mod

Chris in Wisconsin

Fred in Wyoming
Trike and

Robert in ???
with Floats

David in ???
Paint Advice

Pat in ???

Flyin' King Group
Happy Pilots

Group Pics 1

Group Pics 2

Group Pics 3

Al Clark maxed out the potential of his Flyin' King by adding floats, a dropbox, and aerotow capability.  Better yet, he  thoroughly documented his modifications with text and photos so he could share them with all of us!  The wealth of information here is staggering.  Click the pic above to see much, much more...

Doug writes:

"I had a phone conversion with you a couple of months ago and I wanted plans for a smaller version of the Flyin' King and you told me that you did not have any,  So I did a little copier work and here is the result...  A 50-inch wingspan (King Jr.) with an OS FS30 4-stroke, and a 34-inch wingspan version (Baby King) with an electric motor in it.  I haven't flown the new ones yet but will let you know how it goes."

"Hello Bruce,

"At about this time last year I ordered the Flyin'King kit. I am a physics professor at a college in  Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The model was built over the last school year by eight girls ( six are present in the picture) under my supervision.The included picture shows the result.

"It has flown successfully in late May of this year.  We enjoyed every minute of the building and flying of the model. The quality of the plans and the quality of the wood is unsurpassed.

"Thank you for such a good kit.  Regards,

"Tom Donato
Departement de Physique
College de Bois-de-Boulogne"

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