Stu Richmond's Flyin' King

Apache Junction, Arizona

Stu's Comments:

Hi Bruce,

I thought you'd like to have this set of photos.

Much, much fun! Does 4, 8, 12, and 16-point rolls, side slips beautifully, outside square loops... duz all sorts of stuff.

Model is just under 10 lbs. Big wheels work just like extra down thrust. Flaps are neat!

To read more about Stu's accomplishments in R/C, click the link below:

PDF: Stuart L. Richmond - AMA Biography

An update from Bruce: Sadly, our friend Stu Richmond passed away in April of 2014. Nearly a decade earlier, this world traveler and friend to all modelers found his way to little Rogue River, Oregon and visited BTE. The visit alone was a real honor, but he added to the excitement by leaving with a Flyin' King kit tucked under his arm. It was a few years before he got around to building it, but you can see the result above.

Stu was my kind of modeler.

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