1994 - 2022
That's right, BTE shipped its very first kit (a Venture 60) in September 1994. Since that time we have proudly shipped thousands of our traditional kits all over the world. Modelers are nearly universal in their praise for the quality of our designs, parts, packaging, instructions, and customer service. Over the years we have also built and delivered UAV airframes to numerous universities and government entities, and most of those airframes are still in service today. To all of our happy and loyal customers, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your business, and a very sincere THANK YOU!

A Message from Bruce - June 2023
Business here is winding down. Although I've received tremendous help from time to time, BTE has pretty much been a one-man shop from the start. Unfortunately, health concerns are forcing me to slow down and I simply cannot produce kits and accessories like in the past. I haven't shut the doors yet, but runs of my popular sport kits are probably not going to happen. There is nearly enough wood in-house for a final run of Reaction 54 kits, which might keep me busy through the end of the year. Beyond that, the future is pretty murky. The plan is to keep this website up-to-date, so check back here for updates and information. I'm still gathering names and email addresses of anybody who is interested in any of the BTE kits, so I encourage you to contact me and I'll add you to the notify-when-ready email list for that plane (or planes). But most of all, I encourage you to keep building!

Update - November 2023
Technically, the doors are still open at BTE. But I admit that it's getting harder and harder to get ahold of me. The best way to reach me (BTE) is through email. My address is at the bottom of every page on the website. An alternative would be to send me a text at 541-218-9764, or if you insist, you can try to phone me (same number) but fair warning: I rarely answer phone calls these days... On a related note, BTE no longer processes credit or debit cards. If you wish to order something, I can send a PayPal invoice; that's how most BTE customers were paying anyhow! You don't even need a PayPal account - you can actually pay the invoice with a card. If you would rather avoid PayPal completely, we can use checks or money orders through good ol' snail mail.

Update - May 2024
Sorry, kit production at BTE is done. Truth is... I would if I could. I'm not quitting to spend more time with the family. I haven't retired or begun traveling. The simple truth is a health condition is forcing me to stop. I have every intention to supply the last few kits that have been promised, but the final run of Reaction 54 jet kits will likely never occur. Some of the parts and accessories are still available. Kit plans are available too. The original idea was to post these updates on my website every month or so. Well, as you can see, that didn't happen. Let me close by repeating what I've said many times before: "Keep building. The world needs more model builders!"

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