Venture 60 Availability Notice from Bruce Tharpe

Venture 60 kits are currently out-of-stock and will remain so for an indefinite length of time. I have always strived to keep my kits in stock and available at all times. However, with the difficulty of getting balsa and my relentless march into old age, this was bound to occur.

Given my tendency to be overly optimistic in the past, it's hard to say when the V60 will become available and I won't even try. I've learned the hard way that everything takes longer than I think, so no more predictions. The kits will simply be ready when they're ready. For those of you who really want a Venture 60 kit, all I can do is ask for your patience and offer you the following options:

1) You may place an order with a credit card, and you will be assured of receiving a kit when they become available. As always, I will NOT charge your card until your kit is ready to go out the door. Of course, you are free to change your mind and cancel at any time.

2) You can get on the no-obligation "Notify-When-Ready" email list. (My email address is at the bottom of every page on the BTE website.) I will let you know when the kits become available, then you can decide if you still want to order.

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