SPARTAN 318-"40"

  • Wingspan: 47.5"
  • Power: .40 2-stroke
  • 4-Channel Controls
  • All Balsa, Ply, Spruce
  • Removeable Wing
  • Taildragger L.G.
  • Symmetrical Airfoil
  • Solid Balsa Tail
  • For Intermediate Pilots

Okay, stick with me here... The model in the photo is the Spartan 318, a .15-size sportster that was a joy to fly. The old plans for the photo model aren't drawn well enough to offer here, but I did draw a larger version for .40-size engines. I never actually built the "40", but see no reason why it wouldn't fly as well as its little brother.

Full-Size Plans . . . $11.95 Plus $6.50 Shipping in U.S.

Plans are shipped rolled in a Priority Mail tube. Order as many plans as you wish from BTE, shipping remains $6.50. Contact BTE for shipping charges outside the U.S.

Plans for the spartan 318-"40" are professionally printed on one sheet, 24" x 48". Included with the plans are notes with building tips and suggestions for possible improvements.

Spartan 318-"40" by William in North Carolina
Built from BTE Plans

William writes: "I completed the Spartan 40 and It flies very well. It is a little tricky to land due to the wing loading. My came out at about 6lbs with a OS 46 AX for power. The plane is pretty fast at around 80 MPH. Loved building it... Thanx, for a great looking design. Everyone who sees it fly wants one.

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