• Wingspan: 63"
  • Power: .40 2-stroke
  • Elevons, Rudder, Throttle
  • All Balsa, Ply, Spruce
  • Removeable Wing
  • Tricycle Landing Gear
  • Fuel Tank Hatch
  • Symmetrical Airfoil
  • Solid Balsa Fin
  • For Intermediate Pilots

It's not a Spitfire! It's a rip-snortin' flying wing that just happens to have an elliptical planform. Once all the ribs were cut, this wing was a joy to build. Look close and you will see there is no leading edge sheeting. The spar structure is internal; torsional stiffness is provided by capstrips and the film covering over a thick, symmetrical airfoil. The Elliptica features tricycle gear, so ground handling is a breeze. In the air it is fast, smooth, and aerobatic. Not 3D stuff, but traditional rolling and looping maneuvers are a snap. Speaking of snaps, yes it will! And spins, and stall turns. The only quirk with flying was a tendency to pitch with sudden throttle usage. That's where a tail would have come in handy... I got used to it quickly and knew to expect it, so it's a minor issue that perhaps could have been resolved with more testing. The prototype is still hanging in my shop and still brings a smile to my face just looking at it. It will do the same for you!

Full-Size Plans . . . $19.95 Plus $6.50 Shipping in U.S.

Plans are shipped rolled in a Priority Mail tube. Order as many plans as you wish from BTE, shipping remains $6.50. Contact BTE for shipping charges outside the U.S.

Plans for the Elliptica are CAD-drawn and professionally printed on two sheets, 36" x 40" and 36" x 54". Included with the plans are notes with building tips and suggestions for possible improvements.

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