• Wingspan: 40"
  • Power: .09-.10
  • Ailerons, Elevator
  • Throttle Optional
  • All Balsa, Ply, Spruce
  • Removeable Wing
  • No Landing Gear
  • Symmetrical Airfoil
  • Solid Balsa Tail
  • For Intermediate Pilots

The EEL was published as a construction article in R/C Modeler, June 1992. A bit of trivia: the magazine cover announced it as a slope soarer! Funny thing is, it might actually make a decent slope soarer... The model is fast and neutral - it goes exactly where you point it. I flew it with no throttle and just blasted around until the fuel ran out. It glides so well, it's easy to land no matter where you are when the engine quits. With today's equipment, adding a throttle would make sense and add another dimension to flying.

R/C Modeler magazine recently went under, but the plans still appear to be available here:
RCM Plan PL-1119.

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