Of all my unbuilt designs, this is the one I would most like to try someday. It uses a reflexed airfoil for stability. The sketch says .049, but a .10 or .15 with throttle control would be a better choice. The model is designed for rudder and elevator, but the elevators on each wing panel could be made into elevons.

Full-Size Plans . . . $14.95 Plus $6.50 Shipping in U.S.

Plans are shipped rolled in a Priority Mail tube. Order as many plans as you wish from BTE, shipping remains $6.50. Contact BTE for shipping charges outside the U.S.

To be clear, the plans for the Salacious Crumb are detailed engineering drawings - not the sketch you see above. The plans are professionally printed on two sheets, 24" x 36". Included with the plans are notes with building tips and suggestions for possible improvements.

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