AMA Turbine Waiver Information, In a Nutshell

If you live in the United States, there are some hoops that you need to jump through to fly turbine-powered models. The AMA does provide liability protection for turbine pilots, but you must obtain a special waiver. To earn your waiver you basically need to prove that you are a competent pilot by performing a flight test in front of two waivered turbine pilots, one of whom is also an AMA contest director. You can actually do the test with your R54, but all of your test flights leading up to the exam must be done on a buddy box. Yes, it is a pain, but I commend the AMA for working with the jet community and instituting this set of safety regulations. The future of turbine model flying, and perhaps all R/C modeling, depends on our commitment to safety and personal responsibility.

The Flight Demonstration - This procedure begins with a demonstration of proper turbine ground operations. You need to show that you understand safety requirements, the turbine startup procedure, and shutdown procedure. There will also be a discussion of proper responses to a hot start and post-crash fire. During the flight, you will be asked to do a horizontal figure eight, two aerobatic maneuvers, a high-speed circuit of the field, and a missed approach go-around. Oh, and you'll need to actually land on the runway!

The Paperwork - This is the hard part! New turbine pilots must sign an affidavit, which must also be signed by the two witnesses. Submit the form to the AMA and they will issue you your turbine waiver number and card for your wallet. To keep your waiver status in effect, you are expected to perform at least 20 turbine flights during the previous 24 months, and maintain a log book to prove currency.

For more detailed information, click on the AMA documents below.

PDF: AMA Safety Regulations for Model Aircraft Powered by Turbine Engines - Read and heed.

PDF: AMA Turbine Waiver Application - Includes detailed description of demo flight requirements.

LINK: More Turbine-Related AMA Documents

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