BTE Reaction 54 Fuel System Package

If you are new to turbines, you will learn that the fuel system is a bit more complicated than the typical prop job. Attention to detail here is critical because reliable thrust depends on smooth and steady fuel flow. It's true that the R54 can handle a flameout with less difficulty than heavier jets, but it's still something to be avoided!

The R54 kit already comes with the main fuel tank, but this package provides all the little accessories and doodads you will need to complete your fuel system.

Note: BTE recommends using a header tank in the R54 (header tank not included in this package). Installation of a BVM Ultimate Air Trap (UAT) is shown in detail on the R54 plans.


 1  SWB Machined Aluminum Fuel Tank Cap (high-quality upgrade for Du-Bro tank)
 3  Du-Bro 5/32" Fuel Line Barbs  (for extra grip on fuel lines - use on vent, feed, and clunk tubes)
 1  30" length Tygon Fuel Tubing, 5/32" i.d.  (for vent line, route to fuselage bottom ahead of wing)
 1  36" length .020" Safety Lock Wire  (cut to 3" lengths and double wrap every connection)
 1  3/4" x 3-3/4" Lite-Ply UAT Mount  (mount to airframe as shown on plans)
 1  11" Tie Wrap  (for strapping an Ultimate Air Trap to the lite-ply mount)
 1  8" Tie Wrap  (for strapping the fuel pump to the airframe)
 1  3/4" x 3" Velcro Hook and Loop  (cut as needed - use to mount solenoids to airframe)
 1  Du-Bro Fuel-It Receptacle and Plugs (for vent line - glue receptacle into fuselage bottom)
 1  Du-Bro Fuel-It O Ring (install on plug - remove plug for filling and flying; plug line for transport)
 2  5/16 o.d. x 1" Fiberglass Tubes (for aligning fuel lines with shutoff valve, as shown on plans)
 1  Instruction Sheet with Installation Tips

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