BTE Reaction 54 Recommended Engine List

The Reaction 54 was designed to accommodate turbines in what was commonly known as the "12-lb. Class". Quick history: Most of those early engines were based on a design pioneered by the Wren company in England which used a 54mm diameter compressor wheel. So now you know where the "54" came from! Since then, the small turbines have evolved into the 60N class, with more power and reliability. Many of them now feature kero start which greatly simplifies installation compared to propane start.

The chart shown here is a list of turbines that are currently available and suitable for the R54. Most of the information is taken from the websites of each company. Things change fast in the turbine business, so research these powerplants carefully for up-to-the minute specs.

Last Update: October 25, 2014

Made In
Max Thrust
RPM Range
Jet Central Bee II
15.5 lb.
55,000 - 180,000
2.1 lb.
Small, powerful. Gas or Kero start. More info: Jet Central USA  Save Money: BTE COMBO DEAL!
JetCat P60-SE
13 lb.
50,000 - 165,000
1.87 lb.
Sweet little turbine, light and powerful. More Info: JetCat USA.  Save Money: BTE COMBO DEAL!
Jets-Munt VT80
18 lb.
45,000 - 150,000
2.37 lb.
High power for R54, impressive pedigree. Kero start. Available from: Altecare.
KingTech K-60G
13.22 lb.
50,000 - 162,000
1.88 lb.
Tight, light unit features kero start. More Info: KingTech.  Save Money: BTE COMBO DEAL!
KingTech K-80G
19 lb.
45,000 - 145,000
2.88 lb.
Big and heavy for R54, but powerful. More info: KingTech.  Save Money: BTE COMBO DEAL!
PST Jets J600R
14.3 lb.
55,000 - 160,000
2.2 lb.
Nice, small turbine. Propane start. Must return to Thailand for service. More Info: PST
PST Jets J800R
18.0 lb.
55,000 - 153,000
2.64 lb.
Compact, powerful design. Built-in FOD screen. Propane start. More Info: PST
Wren 80 i-Kero
18 lb.
50,000 - 160,000
2.2 lb.
Refined design from a turbine pioneer. Integral FOD screen. Kero start. Available from:: Wren

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