BTE Reaction 54 Full-Size Covering Templates

Many hours were spent developing the color scheme used on the R54 prototype model. It was designed for maximum visibility and to highlight the shape of the airframe. Builders who wish to duplicate the color scheme can save a lot of time by using these full-size drawings. Obviously, different colors may be substituted to suit your taste.

This is not the world's most complex color scheme, but it is far from the simplest. You will need above-average skill with a knife and an iron, and a reasonable amount of patience. In the end, you will be rewarded with a striking sport model with bold colors that seem to flow with the design.

What you receive with this package are six professionally-printed sheets of full-size paper templates. Four of the sheets are 36" x 60", and two of them are 36" x 48". They are shipped to you rolled in a tube. The drawings show both the left-hand and right-hand outlines of each piece of covering. The instructions suggest you tape your covering material down back-to-back, then use a single template (left or right) to cut two mirror-image pieces of material at the same time. If you mess up, you still have the opposite template to try again. In effect, using this procedure provides you with two complete sets of templates! Also included is a three-page set of detailed instructions with color photos showing every aspect of the covering scheme.

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