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Frequently Asked Questions About the BTE Double Whammy

Q: How fast does it go?

A: It's pretty darn fast! I have no way of measuring it, but my best guess is that top level speed is in the 125-130 mph area. That's smoking right along for a model with fixed gear and big wheels. Couple that speed with the incredible noise and it's quite a show.

Q: Isn't it hard to start one Dynajet, let alone two?

A: Dyana-Jets can be temperamental, but they will start fairly quickly if the fuel system is set up right. One trick we take advantage of is that a Dyna-Jet will start easier if it's warmed up. The normal start procedure for the DW is to start one side, let it warm up, and shut it down. Then we start the cold engine and go back to the warm one. Typically, the two engines start and the model is released in a matter of 5-10 seconds.

Q: Why is there metal on the sides of the fuselage?

A: Pulsejets get hot - very hot. If you let a Dyna-Jet run static for 15 seconds or more it will begin to glow red, then orange. The thin aluminum is there to protect the wood fuselage from the heat. The best way to keep the engines cool is to get them moving; that's why it's important to start them quickly and get into the air.

Q: How do you land that thing?

A: Dyna-Jets have no throttle, so every flight is made at full power and every landing is made dead-stick. The DW is an amazing glider. I enjoy taking it to altitude near the end of a flight and shutting down the engines with the transmitter. During the glide, its fun to continue doing aerobatics, trading altitude for energy like Bob Hoover, then trying to bring her in at my feet.

Q: What happens if an engine quits?

A: We've only had one flameout, on the model's second flight. And it was at the very worst moment - right after takeoff. The DW wiggled a bit and kept right on going. It doesn't have a rudder, but it wasn't needed. The model was designed with a profile aft fuselage to keep the engines as close to the centerline as possible.

Q: Where do you fly the Double Whammy?

A: You can't fly pulsejet-powered models just anywhere. They make so much noise that you could lose a club field in one flight. We like to take our models out to dry lakes in Nevada where you can't bother anybody, hit anything, or start any fires. You also have a limitless runway, which is nice for emergency landings. If I don't feel like making the long drive to the dry lake, I can always fire up the DW in Real Flight!

Q: Is BTE going to make a kit?

A: No. But, but if you feel like a challenge, plans are available.

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