More Venture 60 Photos - GROUP #4

Richard in California

Saito .91

Side-mounted engine with smooth cowling, enlarged rudder, wire landing gear mounted in wing.
Joe in Montana
(not Joe Montana)

MVVS .60 with pipe
Charles in New Jersey

"I can state unequivocally that was the finest kit I ever built, and that covers about 60 years of modeling.  And the flying has been just as enjoyable."
Ned in Arizona

Magnum .61XL

81-years old at the time of photo (Ned, not the .61XL)

Ned's been building models since 1928 and he said this was "the greatest kit ever."
Mike in Ohio

K&B .65 with pipe

Mike says:
"Here is a picture of my two-year old grand daughter and my recently completed Venture 60.  The grand daughter is a hoodlum, but the kit was a real pleasure to build.  Actually looked forward to my building time."
Arthur in Wyoming

"It was a real pleasure building this kit.  The wood, the cutting of the parts was amazing - all went together perfectly.  My son designed the decals."
Dick in Minnesota

ASP .80
Jim in Illinois

Fitzpatrick .61

Ultracote Red Pearl and White with Gold metal-flake striping.

It's a WINNER!
Lee in California
John in Oregon

OS .70 Surpass
John in North Carolina

O.S. .91FX

"Purchased this kit directly from you and it was top notch. Glad to see you still in business and producing these fine kits. We need you and appreciate you Bruce!"

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