More Venture 60 Photos - GROUP #3

Robert in Ohio

Saito .80

Robert writes:
"My son and I have over 100 flights on the Venture 60.  What a great plane!"
Bruce in Washington


Modified Rudder
Art in California

Saito .80 4-Stroke

Art says he spent over $100 on the graphics!
John in Ohio
Chuck in Wisconsin

Rebuilt after crash
Richard in California

OS .61FX    7 lb. 3 oz.

Front fuselage and wing center finished with five coats of Min-Wax Polyurethane to show wood.  Rest of plane is dark red Monokote.

He says:
"This was a great kit, all parts fit perfectly.  Directions were great.  Flys like a dream"
Dick in ???

Tower .61

"Finally got around to finishing your Venture 60. Thought it came out good if you ask me.  The kit was a dream to put together.... no problems.  The covering on the other hand was a bear.  I'm very happy with the results.  Thanks again for a very nice kit."
Bob in California

Super Tigre .61

Covered with Sig Koverall

"I haven't found a maneuver yet that it won't perform.  The guys I fly with are very impressed."
Ron in Florida

OS .70 Surpass

"My Venture has been flying now for nearly three months.  It has become my everyday plane.  I have others that are more of a challenge, but the Venture is now the plane that goes when the others stay home for various reasons (windy, right-hand patterns, just need to relax, etc.)"
Steve in ???

Took photo after losing canopy on maiden flight.  Made his own graphics.  One of my favorite pilots - ALF!

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