More Venture 60 Photos - GROUP #2

Kevin in Oklahoma

OS .61 FX
Transparent Red Monokote
Arrowshaft Pushrods

Kevin says:
"I can't say enough good things about this airplane..."
Whitey in Oregon

Super Tigre .75

Bruce's Comments:
Whitey was a friend of mine who lived the next  town over.  He was one of my first customers, and he went on to build several V60s.  He passed on years ago, but as you can see, he was a tremendous modeler and a whiz with Monokote.
Zack in Pennsylvania

He writes:
"My Venture 60 powered by an OS 70 Surpass. Good flyer but will do better with a .91 4-stroke."
Neil in ???

Neil writes:
I just wanted to drop you a line saying how much I enjoyed building the Venture!  It was fantastic fun to build, just the right challenge level for me (this is my 2nd kit) and I'm sure it's going to be even more fun to fly.
Chuck in Virginia

Chuck says...
"The V60 is a fairly stock build, with the major modification to mount servos in the tail to offset the weight of the YS91 engine.  The toughest part was the covering!"
Chuck in ???

He passes this along...

"I finished my Venture 60 today and flew it.  It was a lot of fun.  Would you believe I didn't have to use the trim!
Thanks for a great kit.
This is my second kit."
Richard in Norway

OS .75AX

"Just a note to say how pleased I am with the Venture 60.  It has an OS 75AX for power, JR electronics and is covered in Monokote, maroon under and cream on top. Excellent kit, first class wood and hardware."
Frank in the Netherlands

Irvine 12cc (.72) 2-Stroke

Frank says with the Irvine it's way overpowered.  Built from plans, the wing has a sheeted leading edge and capstrips.  He also says the plane does really good in knife edge flight.
Doug in Canada

RJL .61

All covering and trim is Ultracote, no decals used.

71 years old when pic was sent in 1996.  (Doug, not the plane)
Doug in Canada

Same builder as above

Venture #2

Magnum .61

Ultracote Covering

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