More Venture 60 Photos - GROUP #1

Jim in California

OS .70 Surpass

"It has been flying for about two months and is perfect in every way.  A pleasure to fly and capable of doing whatever?  Thanks for putting together such a fine kit."
Bill in Florida

OS .61 FX
Jim in Georgia
Tom in North Carolina

Venture #1

Saito .65 4-Stroke with
Aluminum Cowling

Tinted Canopy
Tom in North Carolina

Same Tom as Above

Venture #2
Richard in NJ

"Nutty Neon"   HB .61 PDP

Richard writes:
"The plane is covered with neon Monokote... talk about something that lights up the sky.  Many members gather around me when I fly, hoping to let them fly it.  I tell them hands off, go buy your own Venture from BTE."
Vic in Louisiana

OS .90 4-Stroke

"The plane is strong enough for this size engine and it flies fast or slow - fun either way."
Richard in Utah

After this pic was taken, Richard decided to turn it into an aerobatic hotrod.  He clipped the wing two bays on each side, and widened all of the control surfaces.  He says the results are "very good."
Westen in California

Tower .61
Free from a friend!

Westen writes:

"...I did no modification to the plane except for the landing gear.. I turned the gear around, it kept nosing over. I covered the top black and the bottom white."
Mystery Plane, says
"BTE Avenger"
on the wing.

This pic was sent by a loyal BTE customer who saw the plane for sale on RCU.  It looks great, very colorful, I just have no idea who it belongs to.  If it's yours, let us know!

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