Venture 60s on Floats

Bob in Oregon

Pic taken at Lake Selmac,
not far from BTE.

Bruce's Comments:  Bob
has built several V60s, and
this one is his masterpiece.
Sorry, I don't have any
details on the twin engine
modification - Bob's an
experienced builder and he
did all the changes himself.
James in ???
Ken in Wisconsin

K&B .61 with Sportster Muffler, 13x5 Propeller.

On wheels, it weighs
6 lbs. 14 oz.

Ultracote covering

33" Gee Bee floats - Ken says "they worked great."
Harold in Nevada

BTE float design
Bruce Tharpe's
on Floats

Lake Selmac, Oregon 2006

BTE floats are a simple balsa and lite-ply design, covered in Monokote.  Note the sub fin added for extra yaw stability.  Others have shown that it's not totally necessary, but it looks good to me and the plane flies great.  Touch-and-go's forever!
Grant in California

Sorry for the grainy, night-time pic, but is a truly unique V60!

  • Schneider Racer
  • Electric Power
  • Control Line
Rick in Oregon

Venture 90?

Rick writes: "The Venture really should be flown with a .60 but the added weight of the floats makes a .90 okay. Of course, I also put a hot pipe on mine which makes it not okay anymore. I have to cool it a bit on the downhill run so I don't get flutter. I love to take off and then stand it on its tail and head straight up! It will go out of sight!"

Evan in Canada

Evan writes: "
The floats are larger than ideal spanning 89% of the fuselage length - but I had these balsa-covered foam floats on hand and figured that a little more length forward of the prop may not be a bad thing. Turned out to be OK. It flew like a champ including an inside loop and a roll. The Venture 60 continues its long career."
Cliff in Oregon

Saito .91 Black Knight

Another local (to BTE) modeler with a gorgeous all-white V60 with blue and chrome trim.  Built by Cliff's friend, Mort.
Martin in Oregon

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