Smiling Pilots with Their Venture 60s

Gene in Arizona

Gene says:

I finally finished the Venture 60 and had my test pilot, Chuck fly it. The trim was "way out". It took two clicks of down to fly hands off. If I'm not careful it will end up in Chuck's van.
Elmer in Illinois

OS .71 Surpass

This guy loves BTE kits - he's also built a Flyin' King and a Delta Vortex!
Bill in Pennsylvania

Super Tigre .60

Modified with hatch
for fuel tank.
Kevin in Pennsylvania

His second Venture 60

"Venture 2, which is what you see here was modified for sport flying by taking six inches off each wing tip. The original engine was a Thunder Tiger Pro .61,but at 28 ozs. w/muffler required tail weight. The new version uses a RJL .61, and flies great. I'll be modifying the wings to convert to dual aileron servos for this spring (2001)."
Jim in Georgia
Saito .91, 6-1/2 lb (light!)

Jim says:
"The NK on the fuselage is the tail letters for Navy "HATRON 10" which I was in many years ago (1963)."

20+ Years later he wrote:
"It's still my favorite flying plane and by far the finest fitting kit I have ever built.  I bought my first one from you out of the back of your station wagon at the QSAA Fly-In at Las Vegas in the early 90's."
Dennis from ???

Looks like a great
flying site!!!
Jack in California

Jack used his V60 to aquaint himself with a variety of finishing techniques.  The fuselage and wing sheeted areas are glassed and painted with DuPont automotive paint.  The turtledeck is covered with Coverite, the wings are covered with Ultracote.  He says the reversed elevators are "not necessarily a good idea," but they have not produced any unwanted flying characteristics.
Gabriel in Texas

OS .61 Pump

Finished with K&B epoxy paint over Sig Koverall and Dan Parsons cloth

Very striking!
Jack in Oregon

OS .70 Surpass

"The best kit I've ever built (40 years of building) and the best model I've ever flown.  I have at least 100 takeoffs and landings with it now!"
Russell in Michigan

Saito .65

"My first flight with this plane required only two clicks of up trim on the elevator, and flew like a dream.  As you can tell, I am extrememly pleased with the results."
Robert in North Dakota

Super Tigre .90

"The building process is much better than the Ultra Sport that I built before... I wish that Great Planes used some of your building techniques."
Cesar in ???
Charles in Oregon

This is his 2nd V60. First was built from a kit. This one was scratch built from plans.

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