Tom sent along valuable details about his V60...

"I bought a Venture 60 kit from you about a year ago, after a move from 
overseas and a new job and various other excuses, I finally maidened 
it today. It flew great! My setup is:

- OS Surpass .91 II with 12x8 3-blade and then 13x8 2-blade
- Futaba 2.4GHZ w/8-ch Recvr
- NiMH battery
- 4 digital servos
- 14oz tank
- one bay cut off each wing

Here are some of the things that I noticed about the flight:
- even with full rudder, it has essentially no roll coupling either 
way. After flying a TF Contender for a while, that is pretty cool...
- even with a 4S-91 and 6 inches off the wing, it still floats in a 
long way
- low-speed stall is gentle, no particular wing drop
- the old-school one-servo two-ailerons setup still works fine

Some construction notes:
- putting a 4S-91 in the nose, I figured that the battery would need 
to be way back in the fuse, but it ended up balancing out with the 
battery basically right above the wing
- throttle cable position was surprisingly difficult with the Surpass 
engine, as the rear-mounted carb made it tough to back up the control 
connector against the firewall
- I've had trouble drilling a straight 3/16 hole through the wheels, 
but will hopefully get it right the next go-round

So - it was a great build and is a great flyer. I'd be happy to 
recommend the kit to anyone."

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