Cliff writes:

"Hi Bruce, I recently finished my new Venture, I LOVE it! It is a great flyer and sportier than I expected for some reason! I used an OS75AX (great engine). I added 1/2 ribs forward of the spars, I used to build the Goldberg Sky Tigers and don't like the sag on the front, I am anal about some things LOL. I also cowled in the big 75AX and used a 2.5 aluminum spinner. I also raised the top front up aprox 3/8 inch and moved the dashboard rearwards about 2 inches and raised the sides for a Reno Racer/P-51 look. I cut down the canopy substantially and went with "Fry" from the TV show Futurama... I try to use Futurama on all my airpanes but am running out of characters! I also used digital Futaba servos and mounted them in the rear to offset the 75AX BTW I feel the 75AX is an awesome choice! It has tons of torque and is really quiet. I am running an APC 14x6 break-in prop and will try a 14x7 after break in... I covered her in mostly white Monokote with metallic blue, royal blue, and aluminum trim."

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