Thomas writes:

"I am happy to report I finished my Venture 60 about a month ago and took her up on her maiden flight.  I am happier to report that all went well and I have her back in the hangar all in one piece.

"What a great build!  I really enjoyed building this model.  Thanks to your gallery, I got some ideas for my V60 from other owners.  The only modifications I made to the plane was to cut the wingspan down by one bay on each side.  I fly out of a small grass strip and I thought that would help get it on the runway in a reasonable distance.  I moved the landing gear forward about three quarter inches for the grass strip as well.  I also used two wing mounted servos from your dual aileron servo kit.

"For the canopy I used a tinting spray from an automotive store.  I tried dying the canopy three times but that plastic wouldn't take it.  I wish it were a little less dark but it came out smooth and looks good.  I am using a Webra .61 Silverline and started with an 11x5 prop just so I could keep up with it.  I will eventually use an 11x7.

"I used metallic red and jet white monokote for the covering and one quarter inch black striping.

"I’m sure I will have many years of enjoyment with this plane.  Thanks again for a great kit.

"Feel free to add my pictures to your gallery.  That would be an honor beside all the other beautiful Ventures."

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