Behold this incredible, impeccable, immaculate version of the Venture 60!!!  In Jay's words:

"Some shots of my modified Venture 60.  Loved building it and love how it flies!  Thanks for creating a great kit and a great platform for my 'fantasy' airplane.  I have the wing kit and a pair of mechanical retracts to play around with later."

A few months later, Jay wrote:

"Here are some pictures of my Venture 60 with a pair of Niagra Custom Model Products floats installed.  Still flying it with the Saito .80 I originally installed a couple of years ago.  It performs as great off of water as it did off of land.  I scratch-built the struts and rigging and it still balanced as originaIly built!  It has dual Ernst retractable water rudders and scale-like rigging for the steering and retract functions.  I now have the ailerons programed as flaperons and the water landings are a sight to behold!  Thanks again Bruce for a wonderful kit."

More details from Jay:  "BTE Venture 60 with Niagra Custom Model Products floats installed.  I built the struts with K&S streamline tubing that is reinforced with wood dowel rod thru their length and carbon fibre at the flattened ends.  Dual retractable Ernst water rudders are rigged in a scale manner with Spider Wire.  I used the Minwax Poly-cryl method and automotive paint for the blue, Lustrekote paint for the orange and tape for the blue stripes.  My plane has around 70 land based flights on it with a Saito .80 for power and a 13x7 prop."

Want more details?  Jay's build thread on RCU gives lots of details on the cowl construction, etc...

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