Scott writes:

"I have just finished a BTE Venture 60.  I have enclosed 3 photos. Two are of the planes namesake, my daughter Elizabeth, posing with the plane.  The other is of an aft fuselage mounted servo.
"Modifications include sheeted turtledeck, wing servos, aft mounted servos, fuel hatch, cockpit modification, and clipped a bay on each side.
"This is my second full kit and the BTE Venture 60 made it easy.  Incredible kit!  Power plant is a Super Tigre 61 ABC swinging an 11 x 5 prop."

A few months later, Scott sent some more details about his V60 and a flight pic!

Here's a list of his modifications:

 1)  Dual servo in wings

 2)  Notched off a wing bay

 3)  Sheeted the leading edge of the wing back to the spar

 4)  Sheeted the turtle deck

 5)  Aft mounted rudder and elevator servos

 6)  Moved the landing gear up 3/4" due to I fly off grass.

 7)  Made a fuel hatch cover

 8)  Moved the canopy back about 1 1/2"  to give it a longer "Racer" nose.

 9)  Sullivan Tailwheel

 10)  Sulllivan Skylite 3" wheels
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