Mike writes:  "Just a note to say thanks for producing a beautiful airplane kit, it was enjoyable to build, but flies even better.  It is my new favorite airplane, it makes me look like I actually know what I am doing !  LOL   It is one of two new Venture 60s at our field here in Lawton, OK.  I bought the kit and built it because it was recommended by my friend Larry Kruse.  As usual from Larry, it was good advice.  Thanks again, I'm sure it will provide many hours of satisfying flying.  I will recommend your kits to anyone."

Bruce's comments:  I really like the aesthetics of this color scheme.  To me, it has all the right elements - two major contrasting colors (white and orange) with a complimentary trim color.  Simple lines that are both attractive and practical in that it is designed to be relatively easy to apply the covering.  The bold colors and straight lines not only look elegant on the ground, they help with visibility and orientation in flight.  Who needs all the swoops and swirls and slashes that are so prevalent in the ARF world these days?  Maybe I'm showing my age, but I would take this over those psycho schemes any day of the week!

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