Bruce's comments...

Here's another local guy, Kevin from Ashland, Oregon.  I got these photos on his first day out with the model - he love's it!  Said it reminds him of his old Four-Star 120, only better.

The most unique feature of this model is the installation of a small gas engine.  Kevin went with an RCGF 15cc swinging a 15-8 Xoar propeller.  I haven't been completely sold on the use of gas engines in the V60, but this model opened my eyes a bit.  Performance was fantastic with plenty of power - more than a typical .60 2-stroke glow.  Weight was a little high at 7.9 pounds, but the plane handled it just fine.  Kevin was immediately comfortable with the plane and was really pushing it through some wild aerobatics on just its third flight.
Changes to the airframe were minimal.  Kevin used the stock firewall, but needed to cut a hole for the carburetor.  He used a 12-ounce gas tank, and installed the 5-cell ignition battery under the tank floor.  He used the standard kit landing gear (not extended), and chose to use Robart point hinges on all of the control surfaces.
As you can see here, Kevin placed the rudder and elevator servos in the aft fuselage, below the stabilizer.  The servos are staggered vertically in order to clear each other.  Putting those servos in the aft fuselage has become a common modification for the V60, primarily to simplify the linkage.  It also helps with balance - Kevin did not have to add any lead to balance the relatively heavy engine, ignition system, and ignition battery.

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