Bob writes:

"Attached is a picture of the Venture 60 I built. I put in a Thunder Tiger FS 75 for the engine. Covering was done in Ultra-Cote (red/yellow) with some black trim.

"This was my first build EVER.  I was fortunate to have some help (instructor) from Rick B***, plus I had the opportunity to look at the Venture 60 Jerry B*** was building (he was a little ahead of me so I could see how things worked). The kit was good and I am sure I am spoiled for trying a different kit which would not be as good and complete. Because it was my first build, I did make some mistakes as the instructions do not cover everything (it would be a War and Peace novel). I took pictures of the build from the box to the flight to document my first build. 

"First Flight ... (it was previously flown and trimmed out... the person said that it needed very little adjustment). I was nervous for my first flight, but it was an easy flight.  I have about 8 flights on it so far and getting more comfortable with each flight. NOTE: This was also my first plane bigger than a 40 size which resulted in my learning to fly a little differently (keep it closer) and approach was different.

"BTW - I have only been flying for about 8 years... so a lot of this is new to me. It was a fantastic idea to have me build one. Wonderful opportunity. I would recommend this kit to any new builder as their first kit as it was easy to build.

"I give many thanks to many people that contributed to this project, however Rick B*** gets the biggest hats off for taking me on as a student in building.

"Thank you for creating a kit that a new builder can build. I enjoyed the process and plan on future builds (just not sure what they will be yet)."

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