No, not Bruce Tharpe (I wish!) - It's another Bruce...  He writes:

"I am sending some pics of a Venture 60 my father and I just completed. My father, Jerry, is 80 years young. He built the kit and I did all the detail and covering. We purchased the kit from you at our annual Firecracker Fly In in Bend Oregon about five years ago...

"The plane is powered by an Evolution 15GX with a Macs muffler. I relocated the rudder and elevator servos behind the wing and placed the battery pack at the trailing edge. It balances perfectly with no added weight. I would not want to add any, it is a little on the heavy side, 8lbs 5oz. The covering is all Ultracote. I do not use Monokote for covering, I only use it for trim colors. Yes, I did assemble the pieces on glass. With the open frame of the fuse and wing that is the only way I could do it. If the surface is solid it can be done as individual pieces.

"...Thanks for a wonderful design. "

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