My friend Alan and I are in the same club, the Rogue Eagles of Medford, Oregon.
He provided the following info...

  • The engine is an OS61 with a 13" x 8" prop.. 
  • Covering is Monokote and color stripes are also Monokote that is cut into strips. 
  • Wing decals are AMA decals that have been provided over the past few years.   Rogue Eagles decals on the fin.
  • Spektrum radio gear with an AR400 receiver and 6V battery.
  • I mounted the engine on it's side, but had to angle it up slightly so that the muffler would not interfere with the fuselage. 
  • With the engine mounted, I built up the cowling around it, then cutting and sanding to final shape.  The engine is now a tight fit and it's tricky to hook up the throttle linkage etc. but it works.
  • I will be mounting the wheel pants and making floats for it.
Well, my friend Alan is a man of his word! Here he is flying his Venture 60 at our local float fly in 2016. Below is his beautiful V60 on floats, as promised. As you might imagine, the V60 has become popular in sorthern Oregon where BTE is located. It's common to see three to six Ventures at every float fly in the area. Builders have used a variety of floats and they all seem to work just fine, including Alan's.
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