Tony from Oregon writes:

I've had my Venture for about 5 months now and every time I fly it I enjoy it more and more. Running a Thunder Tiger .61 it has plenty of power to hover and it it does great tail slides.

Also have a set of floats for it.  Flying off the water is a blast.

Here are a few more pics of my Venture float plane. I flew it from the fly bridge of my 37' boat on the Columbia River in Astoria. My friend Duane (see Duanes Delta) photographed from the bow. It was alot of fun but the logistics of launching from a boat was a bit difficult. 
New meaning to the term "Fly Bridge"  

A bumpy, but successful landing.  

Back in the marina for a couple more photos.

Venture on the "Royal Chinook"


Later, the following email and photos arrived.  I'll bet it was a spectacular crash.

Hi, Tony from Oregon here. Had a mishap with my Venture at a fun fly in Ocean Park, WA.

While attempting to cut a ribbon from an Astro Hog I collided with the Hog at an altitude of 100 ft. I performed a flawless 3 piece landing in the woods.

I took the opportunity to do something I've been considering for a while. My clipped wing version now sports a 62" wingspan. By removing the wing tip and first outer bay from each end and finishing the tips flat I shaved off ten inches of drag.

The plane flies very well without any other mods and is actually more aerobatic and quite a bit faster. I know this probably borders on blasphemy, (sorry Bruce) but isn't this what it's all about.

Here are my before and after photos. The second pic shows the two rivals back on the field. And photo # 3 shows a second set of eyes can never hurt.

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