John may have the most extreme electric Venture 60 ever.  He writes:

"Like so many of your customers, I am delighted with my E-Venture 60. It makes my feeble attempts at R/C flying look reasonably good. You have given me many happy hours of flying this year.  I know that you must get many photos of your planes but I had to attach just a couple.

This plane probably has the most powerful electric set-up possible.  Last winter, I was asked to electrify an Abbra pattern plane for a friend. When I bought the equipment for him, I bought the same for myself.  It is a Hacker C50-14XL competition motor with a 6.7:1 gearbox, a Hacker 90 opto competition ESC and two Thunder Power 5S4P 5300 mah LiPo battery packs in series. On a 2-meter pattern plane with a 22 x 12 APC prop this will produce approx. 2500 watts of power!!!!  On your plane, I am using an 18 x 12 prop for 1600 watts, it weighs 8lbs and 7 oz.  (The batteries weigh 2lbs and 7 oz!) Thus the performance is extreme, with vertical performance out of sight!!

Just one BIG "Thank you" for a summer of fun flying.

With best regards, John."

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