Bill in Louisiana writes:

"Flight characteristics are beautimous.. You did your homework on this one... Almost no roll coupling, just a breath of down in the inverted. With an OS .91 Surpass vertical is not quite unlimited, but it gets as high as I wanna go in normal flight before it poops out... Lands at a walk and you really have to try to bugger the landings. Everyone that touches the sticks loves it..

"I ain't blowing smoke. This is the BEST flying sport ship I ever owned... Closest I ever had to it was a Midwest "Starduster" by McConville... And he probably retouched a "Four-Star 40" to get it... I D-tubed the wing on that one too...

"Your parts fit makes a joke outta some of the lasercut kits on the market... My flybuddy Richard G did the framing on this one and commented that he felt like he was building a Lee Renaud kit from the days when Airtronics kits were machine cut... He made several statements about the kit being the best fitting he had ever built... and he's built 'em all...."

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