Lloyd is a master at e-conversions - he converted a BTE Delta Vortex a while back, and this V60 is his encore.  He writes:

"My pattern flying friend says this is the best flying plane I have built. He is right.

"The airframe was aggressively ventilated, small high power (40 oz) servos used to keep weight down, Hacker B-50 motor, Master Airscrew 3-blade 16 x 10, Castle Pheonix 45 amp ESC, 4000 MAH 8C Thunderpower Lipo. This gives me 1275 watts at 46 amps full power, (rarely used). It takes off and cruises at a good clip at 1/2 power. It does huge loopy maneuvers gracefully and effortlessly. Plenty of vertical but not forever. Energetic aerobatic flight for 8 minutes makes motor, ESC, and battery only just luke warm.

"Weight is 7-1/2 lb with battery.  This is an outstanding model, thank you very much. It could use a bit more rudder for crisper snap rolls.  I like the big three blade prop, you can idle the electric very slowly so the prop acts liked an air brake. Vertical maneuvers like hammerhead stalls go up and down at same speed, loops ditto.

"The electric set up is dictated by my already owning the 4000 MAH 8S
packs that I use in the ducted fan Vortex, a ducted fan Balsa USA Northstar, and a pattern plane. The oldest pack is 5 years old and still working although I think its internal resistance is up a bit as it doesn't have quite the get up and go of a newer one. At $350 per pack you don't need too many."

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