John from Texas (I think) wrote the following:

"Here's some pictures of my new Venture 60.  One picture has a close up of the modification I made just behind the canopy so I had a good place to bond the monocoat to.  This allowed me to glue the rear of the canopy right to the canopy bulkhead and still have a good bonding area for the monocoat.  Hope this makes sense.
"I now have 4 flights on my plane.  It needed some trimming but I had a good test pilot who assessed the trim it needed, landed, did some mechanical trimming and then back in the air. Really flew good then.

"When my turn came, the engine quit on final and that airplane just glides and glides.  I ran out of runway and almost glided off the field---but I didn't and just made a nice landing in the grass.

"I have the bottom of the wing configured for floats which I'll get to try out in April at the San Antonio Float Fly.  The strut attachments are the regular strut attachment and then the other strut attaches to the underside of the wing about midway.  It should work out well since I did follow the basic rules for positioning floats on a plane.  I am using a 2 cycle .60 (GMS 61A) ringed engine and that's plenty of power which is good for the float configuration.  That's all.

Bruce's comments:  That's great stuff, John!  Lots of photos, good work on the close-up shots.  Thanks for the contribution.









Wow, a lot of photos.  But just look at the field, too - pretty good digs for a pretty good plane.

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