Mike writes...
"A quick note of thanks for the Venture 60 kit. I have built and flown models since the 4th grade. At 53, this build has been without a doubt the most pleasant, fun, and relaxing project I have ever had in modeling. The preciseness of the parts fit is the best I have ever seen, period. Flight characteristics are outstanding, and this will be my regular sport flyer when I am not flying 2 meter pattern ships."

Bruce emailed him with a few questions... Wow, what a nice email and what a great looking V60!  Love the custom stripes and the pilots.  Would like to know more specs like engine, covering, etc...  Any mods?

And Mike replied... "Thank you! That is "Terracotta" Monokote which has been in my Monokote box for many years, long since discontinued by Top Flite. The custom stripes are Monokote white and olive drab. Barbie and Barbie are from the .99 cent store! The engine is a Jett Barstock .90 ..... waaayyy toooo much to make the airframe perform well. I fly at 1/2 throttle. You really were not kidding that a .61 was all that is necessary. Interestingly, the Jett is only 2 oz. heavier than an OS Max .61. No mods other than a center line elevator servo with a "Y" elevator pushrod and pull-pull rudder."

Mike runs his own hobby business in Houston, GCBM R/C. Click the link to visit his website.


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