A list of Ed's many modifications:

  • O.S. FS-95V 4-Stroke
  • Spektrum AR12310T PowerSafe Integrated Telemetry Receiver
  • Spektrum AS3000 Flight Stabilization Module
  • Spektrum Dual 2200mAh 2S 6.6V Smart Life receiver batteries
  • Sheeted wings forward of main spars
  • Sheeted turtle deck
  • Modified wing tips (45-degree angle from solid balsa blocks)
  • Strap across 2-piece landing gear (see photo of radio gear and landing gear)
  • Sullivan tail wheel
  • Wings built in “one piece” with extra center gussets and dowel reinforcing
  • 9 pounds (heaver due to sheeting and radio equipment) – should be great in Houston Texas Gulf Coast winds!
  • Maiden flight soon….  😊

In a short email, Ed writes, "By the way....  You have brought back the joy of building again!"

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