Andrew writes:

"It's done!  The color scheme is from the McLaren F1 team in England"

Bruce's comments:  I mentioned to Andrew that I have heard that chrome Monokote can be hard to see in the air.  He responded:

"Thanks, the pictures don't show it, but it's red and dark blue underneath so I should see it.  Someone said they thought chrome might cause radio interference so I tested it at 2000 ft and it was fine.  I loved making it, it was my second scratch-built plane (Bruce's note:  Andy built this V60 from plans).  I made another ARF Avistar to hone my skills at the beginning of this season and start my ten year old training."

UPDATE from Andrew...

"My Venture 60 flew like dream, my instructor took it up and with just a few clicks it was trimmed. He said he will take me up with it on a buddy cable at first, because he thinks it is too much for me at present. He wants me to fly the trainer for the rest of the year, he states that at the moment the plane is flying me.

"I changed the silver wing to dark blue on the top and red on the bottom because he said he lost sight of it a couple times."

Bruce's comments:  Andrew is also an accomplished CAD user.  He created the solid model shown below using Autodesk Inventor.  He later spent an hour introducing me to the wonders of solid modeling and encouraged me to look into using 3D CAD at BTE.  Might happen eventually!

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