More Venture 60 Photos - GROUP #6

Steven in Ohio

Saito .91

The N-number gives it a full-scale-homebuilt kind of look.  Elegant!
James in Ohio

OS .70 Surpass
Floyd in Oregon

K&B .61

Floyd says:
"Way too fast for this old man but I enjoy watching a good pilot fly it."
Dick in North Carolina

"A great kit and design"
Jim in Oregon

K&B .61

I like color schemes with a theme.  In this case, something's fishy!

- Teal/Aqua Fuselage
- Salmon Wing and Stab
- Mermaid Pilot
- Sealife Graphics
Dale in Oregon

OS .61

"I was able to complete it ready for flying in only eight days...  ....I will be waiting for your next offering or another Venture 60 if the Gods of Flight make that necessary."
Dean in California

"I'm up and flying the Venture and everyone at the field loves it...  ...I am having a ball flying every trick I know and trying to learn new ones every time I fly."
Gary in Michigan

OS .61 FSR

"Here's a recent pic of my Venture 60 since I've added Neon Green Ultracote to it.  This was done to be better able to tell the top from the bottom during flight.  The neon green shows up quite well in flight."
William in Oregon
Bill in Maryland

"Thanks for the best kit I have ever built!!!!  What a pleasure putting it together.   I really enjoyed it."

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