Blue-and-White Venture 60s

Andrew in Alabama

K&B .65 Sportster

Bruce's Comments:
Andrew did the product review of the V60 kit for R/C Report magazine.  He later told me that the V60 was so perfect that it spoiled him for future reviews, so he quit doing them!
John in Utah

Magnum .65

"Every piece fit perfectly and it went together as fast as I wanted to work."
Keith in New Jersey

Thunder Tiger .61

"I am totally pleased with every aspect of this Venture, from the flawless way the kit went together to the superb way it flies."
Dale in Nevada

Enya .60
Don in ???
Bob in Illinois

K&B .65 Sportster

"I've got many dozens of flights from the V60, and lots of nice comments from fellow fliers."
John in California

"I always take two or three planes to fly whenever I go to the field.  My first couple of flights are always with my most comfortable, stable flyer before I fly any more expensive planes.  I always have to get rid of the shakes in the morning.  Before now my Sig Four-Star or Mid-Star were my favorites.  My Venture 60 will now become their replacement."

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