All-Red Venture 60 Photos

Dick in California

OS .70 Surpass

"I purchased your kit at Henderson, Nevada (QSAA show) last October.  It turned out to be the best plane I have ever built."
Bart in Georgia

"Bruce, thanks for a really nice plane; my dad and I are now finished. My dad has been building for 35 years. He said it is one of the nicest kits anywhere!!"
Bob in Arizona

"I can see you really put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this one and as far as I am concerned it has really paid off.  Congratulations on a well engineered kit."
Charles in California
Ron in California

"My Christmas present wnt together beautifully.  Your Venture 60 is a very special kit.  It is by far the best wooden kit I have seen.  It was a real pleasure to build."
Clancy in California

Fitzpatric .61
Richard in California

"Probably ranks in my top 3 kits ever as far as quality and fit of parts (and I've been at this 42 years).  It flew great with a K&B 'twisty' .61 and tuned muffler. I then lost my mind and fitted the Venture with an MVVS .61 diesel... possibly the worst engine ever foisted upon the human race (with many other RC diesels a close second).  Now I am sorry I sold off all my diesels. They are fun to play with and some are fetching big bucks on eBay!"

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