Robert from Ohio is a Monokote Master!  He writes:

Hi, I am very proud and just wanted to send some pictures and info on the Venture 60 that I just completed.

* Futaba BB servos on all control surfaces
* The plane is set up with dual aileron servos, by enlarging the stock
   servo opening in the wing, installing extended mounting rails, installing
   two servos side by side and utilized the stock torque arms for actuation.
* Sullivan "Golden rods" throughout
* The location of the landing gear is forward 3/4"
* The engine is an "Irvine" .72 swinging a 13 x 6 APC
* The fuel tank is a Sullivan 12oz. slant style.
* The plane is covered utilizing "hand cut" monokote in too many
   colors to list, while the wing tops are true "scale" replications of
   original candy boxes. Every piece of this scheme is hand cut monokote.
* No I do not have any affiliation to Good & Plenty or whomever makes
   this candy nowadays. I just picked up the box at a store a few months
   back and wondered if I could duplicate it on a wing.
* The pilot is hand painted by my wife to match the overall plane
   scheme (she's much better than me at the hand painting stuff)


Springfield, Ohio

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